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Later life

If you are aged 65 years and over and experience issues with your mental health and wellbeing or if you are a carer of someone who has a mental health problem you may be interested in these opportunities GAMH's provides a range of services to people with mental health problems aged 65 years and over as well as older carers of people with mental health problems through our Scope and Later Life Matters projects. These services have been developed on specific feedback and evidence following extensive research and consultation with older people and older carers as well as health professionals and other interested groups and organisations.


SCOPe (supporting older carers and older people through befriending) has been running since July 2008. The project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

SCOPe recruits, trains and supports volunteers to befriend older people with mental health problems and older mental health carers and will support you to take part in activities of your choice in your local community. People who have used this service have told us how valuable feeling part of their local community and having opportunities to do things which are meaningful are to their overall confidence, health and wellbeing.

The support is provided by trained and motivated volunteers who are managed by an experienced and qualified paid Volunteer Coordinator. Our volunteers are drawn from all sections of the community and we have a number of young people aged 16-25 volunteering with older people and older carers.

The project has developed in response to feedback from service users, carers and other professionals. As part of this, the service has developed a service offering befriending to older people within a hospital setting, and a group befriending service has also been established. SCOPe has been named as a case study in relation to mental health and wellbeing in later life on the Well Scotland website.

Download SCOPe leaflet for referral information

Download SCOPe Review and Evaluation report

For further information please contact: Later Life Team at laterlife@gamh.org.uk

Later Life Matters

Later Life Matters is our new project funded for 5 years by the Big Lottery Fund to provide support to people aged 65 years and older who have mental health problems. This award allows us to expand and develop our later life work in response to great demand.

The aim of the Later Life Matters project is to help older people to maintain their independence at home and be better connected to the community.

The Later Life Matters project can support you to identify your individual support goals and work with you to develop a plan of support tailored to your individual needs.

This may include support to access other physical or mental health services such as falls prevention, psychiatric services or counselling. We can also offer support to help you engage with local community services and build relationships with others.

Both one-to-one and group support is available and we can provide group activities which will promote your mental health and wellbeing through meaningful activity. This will also provide you with an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation to you where you can share ideas, experiences and skills in a safe setting.

Any enquires or referrals please contact:

Glasgow Association for Mental Health
Later Life Matters
Hydepark Business Centre
Units 13, 14 & 15,
60 Mollinsburn Street
Glasgow, G21 4SF

Tel: 0141 404 3769 or 0141 558 0943

Email: laterlife@gamh.org.uk

Calm Project

The Calm Project was established as a partnership between Glasgow Association for Mental Health (GAMH), Glasgow North Community Health and Care Partnership (CHCP) and SEAL (a stress centre in the south of Glasgow), with GAMH as the lead agency.

The Calm project was orginally funded through the Long Term Conditions Alliance Scotland to provide complementary therapies and mindfulness for older people aged 6 years and over who have a long term health condition and mental health carers aged 18 and over.

The project evaluation in 2011 clearly identified the positive impact of the project to a person's mental health and wellbeing, ability to cope with stress and physical health. The project was awarded the Self Management Partnership of the Year Award by the Long Term Conditions Alliance Scotland.

Quotes from those who have used the service

"I am more relaxed and feeling more positive. My muscles are less tense, not so tight. It has helped with the arthritis and balance has improved"

"It did help me mentally and physically… It was my own personal time. My time, my personal space that I don't have very much of at all"

Read the report here

Following the ending of funding from LTCAS, CALM, can currently offer complementary therapies and mindfulness for mental health carers aged 18 and over. The project is funded by the Scottish Governments Share Care funding initiative.

See CALM leaflet for more information

GAMH Later Life - The Story So Far!

GAMH has been successfully creating opportunities for older people and older carers since 2008. In partnership with key funders including the Big Lottery Fund, The Scottish Governement, Health Scotland, NHSGCC, Shared Care, Llyods TSB, EHRC, and LTCAS these services are making a real difference to people's lives . We are committed to ensuring that these opportunities continue to be based on the expressed needs and aspirations of older people and older carers and welcome referrals from all. Read about the development of these projects in our leaflet and please get in touch with our Later Life Team laterlife@gamh.org.uk if you would like further information.

Download Later Life leaflet here