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You may be interested in services offered by our My Time Project.

Calm is a service delivered by GAMH. The service was awarded the best self-management partnership in 2011 by the Long term Condition Alliance Scotland (now the Alliance)

The Calm Project provides access to complimentary therapies and mindfulness to people aged 60 and over who are living with a long term condition and to carers of people with mental health problems. The therapies are delivered over 6 weeks and personalised to your needs. Calm Leaflet

We provide a range of Complimentary Therapies including:

  • Indian Head Massage,
  • Reflexology,
  • Hot stone massage
  • and Reiki.
    providing a holistic approach to wellbeing.

“The massages were wonderful, so enjoyable, so relaxing.
After the treatment I would have a good sleep and wake up feeling renewed.”

We also provide Mindfulness:

Mindfulness involves the development of skills and attributes and ways of thinking and living, which improve wellbeing. Techniques include meditation and gentle exercise which support the management of long term conditions. We provide an eight week mindfulness course and we also deliver two 4 week mindfulness drop ins for those who wish to enhance / extend their practice.

“It has enabled me to be much more in the moment in my reactions with others.  I‘ve made friends through doing it.”

Project outcomes:

  • The mental health and wellbeing of older people with long-term conditions and mental health carers will be improved.
  • Older people with long-term conditions and mental health carers will have enhanced abilities and skills to manage stress.

We welcome referrals from anyone. You can contact us on 01415525592 or email us at Calm@gamh.org.uk

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