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Food for Recovery

Food for Recovery is a collection of ideas, writing and positive activities which are related to food and mental health recovery. Food for Recovery was originally inspired by “Recipes of Hope” which is a collection of recipes and stories, contributed by GAMH service users and carers, which connect people to food in a very positive way promoting mental health recovery. GAMH Food for Recovery Festival is an annual event which celebrates the food related work and activities which have taken place over the year. Some examples of food related activities are “Recipes of Hope”, Fun Food Workshops, food co-ops, cooking demonstrations and visits to community allotment “Urban Roots”.

“I’m intending to start growing vegetables, gardening and growing herbs in pots in the house. I’m also going to make more effort to make food for social gatherings.”

“Connecting eating well with feeling well – you are what you eat after all! We should take care of ourselves.”

“I am going to put some thoughts about food in my WRAP (Wellness and Recovery Action Plan).”

GAMH Community Garden – Roots to Recovery

As a result of themed discussions during the Food for Recovery Festival 2010 and also as a result of discussions during service centre forums, service users and carers requested information and opportunities to grow vegetables. A request was made to Glasgow City Council who kindly offered a plot in Bellahouston Demonstration Garden. In addition to the plot with have 2-3 raised beds which are better suited to people with restricted mobility. Roots to Recovery – GAMH Community Garden has been cultivated and designed by service users, carers, staff and volunteers of GAMH and people can have access to the garden 4 days per week. Many people do not have access to outdoor space which can be developed in this way and enjoy the opportunity to learn more about cultivating a garden and growing produce. One of the main benefits apart from learning these skills and enjoying the tranquillity of the garden is working together with other people from different areas and communities. We also have access to a polytunnel and there are kitchen and toilet facilities on the site.

“I look forward to coming to the garden every week. It’s good for your confidence and it gets you more active and it gets you out of the house. It’s relaxing and beneficial to my mental health – it really is the highlight of my week!”

“It gives structure to my week and gives me something to look forward to. The garden is an incentive to get out of bed and do something positive. You get to see the results of your work watching a small seed grow into a plant and then something you can put on your plate!”

Walking with friends:

Walking with Friends is a community engagement partnership project which is part of the SAMH national “Get Active” Campaign funded through Comic Relief. Walking with Friends is a weekly walking programme designed by participants. The walks, which span a 12 month period, take place in a variety of rural, urban and historic locations. People who participate in the walking programme enjoy the fresh air and exercise and learning a little about the areas they visit. One of the main benefits of meeting up with the “friends” every week and chatting about every day things.

“The walks are a fascinating way of finding out about how the city of Glasgow Developed – brilliant!”

“The East Necropolis is a very interesting walk with a wonderful view ofthe city at the top. It’s good to spend time with the group again.”

“The Rangers who led the walk in Balloch Country Park were really friendly and keen to talk to us about the plants, trees and the history of the area. The view over the loch was stunning! It only took half an hour on the train to get here and I really enjoyed the journey.”

“Castle Semple Loch is a beautiful location with lots to do. I am definitelybringing my daughter down here during the school holidays – it’s very easy to get to by train.”

“The walking and spending time with people has helped rebuild myconfidence and helps me get escapenegative thoughts.”

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