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GAMH approach to peer support and employability parallels that used for individual services in that we provide a continuum of support designed to meet each person’s needs at each stage of the recovery / employability pathway.

We offer a range of opportunities which promote and encourage peer support all of which develop the capacity, potential and leadership of people with lived experience to share their knowledge and skills with others.

We do this through providing training, support and skills development and continually evaluate our peer support activities, in order to build the evidence base for the effectiveness of peer support and encourage others to join together.

There are 3 main options following referral and assessment all of which adopt the peer support approach:

  • Peer Support groups
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Peer Led Independent Groups

We have developed a Motivational Exchange Programme offering a range of participatory sessions focussing on recovery awareness, peer support and employability in partnership with a range of local colleges and community organisations .
Access to the Motivational Exchange Programme is via internal referrals only

You can access more information from the peer support, volunteering and employability section in our resources.

These activities strengthen confidence and positively support an individual’s recovery and ability to lead the life they want to lead.

Peer coaching has broadened my vision, it has developed my skills; it has boosted my confidence. Being involved has made me realise I was at a stage in my recovery to move on. I am now doing a HNC Social Care course at college.

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