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Are you a carer? Do you provide unpaid help and support for someone?

A carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, or friend who could not manage without their help.  You might help them because of an illness, mental health issue, addiction, frailty, disability or learning disability.

Carers may or may not live with the person they look after.  Many carers do not see themselves as carers.  Young people may be trying to cope with looking after a parent, sibling or other family member.

Carers Services

GAMH Carers Service aim to support unpaid carers.  We provide emotional and practical support, and also provide support for younger carers up to the age of 18, and their families.

What we do

  •        Information and advice
  •        Emotional support
  •        Money advice
  •        Short breaks
  •        Training
  •        Having a voice


Free mental health & well-being training for carers across Glasgow

GAMH provides free health & well-being training for unpaid carers across Glasgow.  Our courses give carers the opportunity to connect with each other, share experiences and learn together.  Current courses:

  •        Self Advocacy
  •        Mental Health Awareness
  •        Mindfulness

For our current course content please contact GAMH North East Carers Service on 0141 404 3769

Short Breaks for Carers

Time to Live

GAMH are delighted to share we have been successful in securing another year of Short Breaks funding from Shared Care on behalf of the wider Glasgow City Carers Partnership. This funding will support unpaid carers to take a well-deserved break from their caring responsibilities. Unpaid carers can contact their local Carers Centre to apply.

Applications for the period 2024/2025 will be announced soon.


Respitality is a new initiative delivered by Glasgow Carers Partnership, on behalf of Shared Care Scotland. It provides the opportunity for unpaid carers to have a much-needed break and to recharge their batteries.

Respitality aims to connect with hospitality, tourism and leisure businesses who are willing to donate a break to unpaid carers, free of charge. These breaks can include anything from a night away, a meal out, a pamper session to a family activity.

If you are an UNPAID CARER and would like more information about Respitality, contact your local Carers Centre for further details:

Glasgow North East Carers Service        0141 404 3769
Glasgow North West Carers Service       0141 954 1010
Glasgow South Carers Service                0141 423 0728

Carers Respitality Leaflet

Donors Respitality Leaflet

Get in touch


Carers Information Line

As of the 1st of May 2024, the Carers Information Line (CIL) will no longer be operational. Whilst a new central referral process is being explored, all unpaid carers can be referred directly to their local services. Within Glasgow City carers can be referred to the Glasgow Carers Partnership via 0141 287 0555 or www.yoursupportglasgow.org/carers.
For carers who live out with this area, contact information and online referral portals for other areas can be found on the NHSGGC Carers Pages –

In light of this change, staff are asked to review any information they may have either on webpages, leaflets or in public areas and remove any information which still has the Carers Information Line number (0141 353 6504). These will likely be any yellow posters/flyers that have the title “Are you looking after someone?” or posters/leaflets from Glasgow City HSCP with the same title.

Self Referral

Go to https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/carers  and click on self-referral form

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Digital Resource for Carers







Top tips for GP appointments http://www.mindwavesnews.com/toptips/

Heads Up – for good mental health. Information and advice from NHSGGC https://www.headsup.scot/

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