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GAMH Lived Experience Training is a unique service providing training which engages your people in thinking, learning and change.

Our courses are delivered by professionals and trainers who bring the powerful and authentic voice of people with personal experience of mental health issues and recovery.

We regularly deliver courses for public, private and third sector organisations.

The My Time Health and wellbeing training team can deliver bespoke Mindfulness training; yoga based postural classes; stress management and self-massage techniques to groups of 12-15 people. The training can offer staff and service users a range of self-management tools to support them to make necessary changes towards a more balanced way of living.
These bespoke sessions are designed to improve and sustain positive health and wellbeing.

Mindfulness Awareness session Course

Mindfulness Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

Service User Involvement

     Scotland’s Mental        Health First Aid

   Stress Management
          1/2 Day

Wellbeing 4 Week Taster

Training & Consultancy

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