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The group opportunities strand of the Service Centres work continues to provide a varied programme of activities across the city. Our Life and Wellbeing Group Programme highlights three areas which are significant to mental health recovery:

  1. Mental Health/Physical Health
  2. Promotion Education and Learning
  3. Participating and Building Social Network

The programme is designed to offer participants positive experiences which link to further learning and/or physical activities which take place in the wider community. We work with further education colleges who offer short courses within our programmes and encourage people to continue learning after moving on from GAMH. We arrange regular workshops with our colleagues within the health improvement teams and community advice services.

Group Opportunities Leaflet

Students from Glasgow University Enactus team created a series of workshops – WeCreate – which explore art, creativity and social enterprise.

There have also been opportunities to participate in Human Rights Awareness sessions with NHS Equalities in Health team, in response to the Scottish National Human Rights Action Plan which calls for a more visible approach to human rights in health and social care services.

Our Positive Moves programme introduces participants to many of the free facilities which are available throughout the city, including walking, cycling, bowling and tennis. Our growing project, ‘Roots to Recovery’, provides a tranquil setting to enjoy the outdoors and work together with a team of enthusiasts.

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