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Group Opportunities


Our citywide group programme focuses on 3 themes which are significant to mental wellbeing and recovery:

  1. Mental Health/Physical Health
  2. Promotion Education and Learning
  3. Participating and Building Social Network

The group programme is designed to create clear pathways to participation and personal development trough a range of creative, educational and physical activities.  Planned outcomes support participants to move on from social care services and become active member of their communities. The current programme offers a combination of outdoor activities, building based groups and online wellbeing groups.
The opportunities are designed in partnership with people who use our services and are flexible and evolve with the interests and needs of participants.  Many of our opportunities are provided in the community and online with the support of many community partners, such as, Clyde College, Kelvin College, The Scottish Crannog Centre and The Open Museum.

Our group team have developed a Wellbeing Pack which promotes mental health self-management and recovery and is distributed to group participants to support group wellbeing workshops.  The Wellbeing Packs are also an excellent wellbeing tool for our social prescribing service users.


Wellbeing Pack


Window to wellbeing

Resilience and Wellbeing

Creating Wellbeing

Food for Recovery